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The simplest way fully towards Take up Pubg Mobile

How exactly to setup PUBG Mobile

Choose your login wisely: You can enjoy as a Guest, use Facebook, or Twitter to sign-in on PUBG Mobile. Facebook or Twitter means you have to get in touch to your account, but you can then sync your data, to help you switch to another phone or tablet without losing all of your progress.

Prepare your phone: PUBG Mobile is just a demanding game and your phone needs to be at its best. Remove whatever you don't need on it, quit dozens of other apps you may have running in the background. Turn off battery saver, switch off data savers, switch off night mode to find the best experience. You might also desire to switch off auto-brightness - it could dim the game during the game which means you can't see so well. Brighter = better.Prepare your network: There's less you can do here, but for a lag-free experience, you need a good link with the PUBG servers. The mobile network will usually have a variable speed so it's Wi-Fi all the way. Test your network speed using something like Speedtest (Apple App Store, Google Play) and avoid wanting to play when someone else is streaming 4K content. Our home Wi-Fi reports 5ms, and this works great.

Connect your headphones: PUBG Mobile has great audio and the speakers on your phone won't do it justice. Connect your headphones for a more immersive experience - it also helps you pinpoint approaching enemy.
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Welcome to the PUBG lobby

When you start the game, you'll load to the lobby where you could change a complete array of settings, select your game type, organise friends and family, claim rewards and manage your inventory.

How to pick your server: From the opening screen you'll see "server" in the top left, with a drop-down menu. You are able to currently select from North America, Europe and Asia. The server for your region is practical, as it's likely to really have the fastest speeds for you. Check the ping, you want it to be green, something like 20ms, for silky smooth play.

How to regulate the frame rate: Tap the settings cog into the top right-hand corner, then Graphics. Here you'll find frame rate. If things are looking choppy, you might want to select low. If you've a strong phone, try high.

How to set the graphics level: You'll be prompted when you initially sign-in, but you are able to adjust the PUBG Mobile graphics level too, to manage the detail. Higher is much better as you can see more, but that may adversely affect performance. Have a play with this specific and frame rate, adjusting if the game doesn't run smoothly - but watch on the ping too, to be sure it's not server lag. There's also an automobile option - this may keep the game smooth and adjust the settings for you.

Engage HDR mode: OK, so this can be a small cheat as we're yet to locate a phone that reports HDR support in PUBG, however when it will come, you'll find the possibility in the graphics portion of the settings.

How to regulate the aiming reticule: Tap the settings cog into the top right-hand corner, then Basic. Here you are able to change along with of the crosshair.